Monday, January 20, 2014


Do I feel a pressure to conform, and if not, at what age did it stop?

Oddly enough, I feel more of a pressure to conform NOW, than when I was a teenager, and peer pressure was rampant. I got into a lot of trouble, but none of it was because someone was pressuring me to do it, but because I wanted to prove I was my own person. I made my own decisions. I was not going to be controlled. I am teenager, hear me roar.

But I feel the need to conform in areas like how I look. I do not fit the social norm at all and I feel people really judge me for that. And that bothers me. Unfortunately.

However, I am becoming much more comfortable in who I am as a person. I don’t feel the need to remain friends with someone who is just bringing me down.

I have no qualms about dumping someone who brings nothing but negativity to my life. I don’t need friends so desperately that I have to keep these people in my life.

Do you feel the need to conform?

I am Woman! Hear me Roar!

I forgot to post all last week so I get to play catch-up now!


Such a powerful statement, and so very true. I have been put in hot water a few times in my life, though nothing compares to what I experienced in my previous marriage. I haven’t ever really gone into great detail about that marriage, and I promise I will some day, but for the time being, we will just keep it vague.

I have never had to be as strong as I was when I finally left HIM. He tore me down, a lot. He hit me. A lot. He was a really horrible person to me. And to those I loved.

And even though he was so horrible, I couldn’t bare the thought of leaving him. I am sure it was part of the abuse, but I just knew that no one else wanted me. Not even my family.

It wasn’t until I went to Oklahoma (we were living in California) with my dad that I got a break from him. I still went back to California, and that was when I realized I didn’t need to be around him.

Even with how horrible he was to me, I still was VERY depressed when I left him. It was the hardest thing I had ever done, and still is, to this day. I wouldn’t wish what he did to me on my worse enemy. The sad thing is, he wasn’t even as bad to me as other abusers are! But that doesn’t really matter. He was kinda the straw the broke the camels back, I guess you could say.

Have you ever had to be strong? Tell me about it.