Saturday, July 12, 2014

“Kids these days.”

Has anyone else noticed how the children of each generation decline in discipline and respect? No, I don’t have children yet, but I do see how children behave. This will not be a “How to raise your children right!” post. I can teach you about cats. And dogs. But not kids. This is merely from observations. On that note, let’s get on with it.

I see how some children talk to their parents, and am just appalled. I know if I talked to my mom in that way even now, I would get smacked. No shame in my game, my mom is small and demands respect. Totally cool. However, most kids don’t seem to give respect. A friend told me about how her step daughter constantly uses bad language in front of her. I see children cuss out their parents, or perfect strangers, all the time.

How is this viewed as okay? Kid’s seem like they had so much respect during the earlier 1900s and it just deteriorated with each passing decade. I am honestly slightly nervous about bringing a child into this world. Not because I’m afraid they will be kidnapped or hurt, but because I’m nervous about what they will learn from other kids! I don’t want my child to learn that it is okay to disrespect any adult!

I realize not every child is like this, so before you don the torches and pitch forks to chase me out of town, realize that. I am only saying that I am seeing it more and more because it seems like parents are more and more afraid to discipline their children. I don’t understand why that it. Kinda sad, though.

What do you think about how children act toward each other and the adults in their lives?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Catfishing! The not so new craze.


When I was a preteen and teenager, the internet was starting to become very popular. AOL was the newest craze (I also played on Prodigy), and I was on it every single chance I got. Seriously, I was a chatting machine. And it never occurred to me to be careful about who I was talking to. It was the internet! What could possibly happen?!

Luckily, nothing did. But it could have. I was constantly talking to guys who claimed to be around my age, and who very well could have been the biggest liars on the face of the planet. There was this guy I was falling for shortly before I met my husband who wouldn’t agree to talk on the phone, or meet in person. This was probably actually in my favor! I didn’t realize it at the time.

Anyway, I love the TV show. Love. I don’t miss an episode. I get all stressed out with the people who are being catfished. I get nervous and excited when they are about to meet their person. But the show really got me thinking… Have I actually been catfished? The answer to that is yes! I know for a fact I have! By my best friend’s husband before they were married! She and I had a falling out and he wanted to get back at me. Whatever. That’s him.

But other than THAT, how many of the guys I talked to in my youth weren’t actually who they said they were? How many weren’t actually 15 year old boys? I really have absolutely no clue. I am so curious though. When I got into trouble at 15, it was all over a boy I’d met online. I will post more about him later. At the time, I didn’t worry about it. I didn’t even know about it! But looking back, I have to wonder if he was who he said.

I have been a catfish in my younger days to get back at people. I am so ashamed of it now. But at the time, it seemed like the perfect revenge. I guess that’s what they mean by young and dumb, huh?

Have you ever had someone catfish you? Have you ever catfished someone? Tell me about it!