Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mr. Robin Williams

Robin Williams


On August 11th, Robin Williams ended his very long struggle with depression. Many, many blog posts have been written about this news. Some have talked about how devastating it is. Some have talked about how, while he was depressed, depression is always a choice. Some have talked about their own encounters with suicide.

I don’t really know which direction I want to take this post, so I will just write. And I will let whatever comes out just come out.

I was devastated after learning the news. I even got into an argument with a family member when they told me I was wrong about how he passed. Excuse me, I have only read 10 articles about the topic. You have read 1. Pretty sure I am more of an expert than you are. I am still a bit shocked about it. I grew up watching his movies and admiring him. And just like that, he is gone.

However, this has sparked several interesting conversations.

When I was with my ex, I was depressed. I was suicidal. I love my family, and my friends, but I didn’t care about that because I was so far gone. I imagined ways I could just end the suffering. I was thisclose to actually trying a few times. I don’t remember now what made me change my mind, but I’m glad I did.

I also found out that someone I am VERY close to was suicidal as recently as a couple years ago. I was hurt that she didn’t tell me at the time. Because when I was depressed, I talked to her about it. It took me some time to think about it to realize that everyone handles everything differently. Just because I was open with her doesn’t obligate her to be open with me.

This much I know, suicide may seem like a choice, but when you are severely depressed, it isn’t even a choice. It is, what seems like, a peaceful end to a dire existence. Do I think suicide is right? Absolutely not. If you are suicidal, please, talk to someone about it. If you can push through, life can be such a beautiful thing! I do understand.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

“Kids these days.”

Has anyone else noticed how the children of each generation decline in discipline and respect? No, I don’t have children yet, but I do see how children behave. This will not be a “How to raise your children right!” post. I can teach you about cats. And dogs. But not kids. This is merely from observations. On that note, let’s get on with it.

I see how some children talk to their parents, and am just appalled. I know if I talked to my mom in that way even now, I would get smacked. No shame in my game, my mom is small and demands respect. Totally cool. However, most kids don’t seem to give respect. A friend told me about how her step daughter constantly uses bad language in front of her. I see children cuss out their parents, or perfect strangers, all the time.

How is this viewed as okay? Kid’s seem like they had so much respect during the earlier 1900s and it just deteriorated with each passing decade. I am honestly slightly nervous about bringing a child into this world. Not because I’m afraid they will be kidnapped or hurt, but because I’m nervous about what they will learn from other kids! I don’t want my child to learn that it is okay to disrespect any adult!

I realize not every child is like this, so before you don the torches and pitch forks to chase me out of town, realize that. I am only saying that I am seeing it more and more because it seems like parents are more and more afraid to discipline their children. I don’t understand why that it. Kinda sad, though.

What do you think about how children act toward each other and the adults in their lives?